Water Supply


Brief Note on Water Supply Expenditure and Revenue

Nizamabad Municipal Corporation is having a geographical area of 40 Sq.Kms with an population of 3,11,152 as per 2011 Census which consists of 66,670 Households in which water is supplied with an measure of 47.09 MLD and is well equipped with 54 MLD installation capacity scheme having sources at Alisagar, Raghunath Tank and Manchippa and later on it will be increased to 71.40MLD with an inclusion of Masani Filters.

Appending to this it is also to submit that the per capita supply is of 128 LPCD of which there are 22,452 Nos House Service connections in which there are only 350 Nos Public Taps, it is also ecstatically submit that the frequency supply is DAILY with 18Nos of ELSRs which as storage capacity of 22,336 Kilo Liters.

Further in this Corporation the total length of distribution pipeline covers nearly about 70% of the Urban Limits. The Remaining balance deficit i.e of 30% area should be covered which includes the emerging colonies in the out skirts areas. To mitigate the water supply problem, it is essential to lay the internal pipelines along with distribution lines and Construction of OHSRs.

Accentuating to the above note it is essential to increase the length of pipe lines distribution Pipelines and also to replace the existing 5 decade old trunk line from Manchippa to Nizamabad. Which is major drawback for water supply scheme and also to eradicate the leakage of pipelines.

In the Nizamabad city there are nearly about 51,000 Nos of Assessments in which at present 22,000 Nos of connections have been covered and there is scope of extending these connections up to 15,000 by which the total increases to 37,000 Nos. In which there is a possibility of getting 5,000 General connections in developed areas and 10,000Nos of BPL connections in slum areas which will generate revenue of Rs.4.50Crores at a time of inception and monthly revenue will coupe up to Rs.30.00Lakhs i.e., nearly about Rs.4.00Crores per annum.

It is further submitted that already there are 18Nos existing tanks and 5Nos more ELSRs which are at completion stage as part of UIDSSMT Project. This project will give boost up to this present water supply scheme which is proposed with Rs.23.00Crores.

In this instance it is also to submit that the present project will increase the water supply and per capita supply and buildup for the better water supply scheme. At present there are no generators in this Corporation at emergency level, so there is need to procure new generators at Alisagar and Mopal Filter beds which will turnup to cost of Rs.100.00Lakhs.

Hence in view of the above all it is pleaded to apex authority to kindly sanction this water supply project to the tune of Rs.19.50Crores and this Corporation is ready mobilize its funds to a tune of Rs.4.50Crores which is the balance amount of the above mentioned project so as to stream line the water supply system in order to overcome the future complications which is effected by the emerging colonies and also raising of population in the town.


2.1 Qty. of Water Supply(MLD) 47.77
2.2 Per Capita Supply(in LPCD) 135.00
2.3 No.of HSC’s/No.of PSP’s 23652 / 80
2.4 No.of Hand Bores (Existing / Working) 1225 / 1050
2.5 Length of Water Supply Pipeline (in K.Ms) 745.00 Kms
2.6 No.of Tap Connections u/Rs.200/- given 6801
2.7 No.of Tap Connections u/Rs.1200/- given 3458
2.8 Hours of Water Supply One Hour
2.9 Periodicity of Water Supply Daily
2.10 No.of E.L.S.Rs/G.L.S.Rs  22 / 2
2.11 No. of Regular Workers/Contract Workers working 40 Regular / 108 Out Sourcing
2.12 Monthly C.C.Charges of Water supply Rs.24.95 Lakhs