About Nizamabad


About Nizamabad

Nizamabad District is located in the north-western region in the state of Telangana, India. Nizāmābād is the current and official name of the district. The city of Nizamabad is the district headquarters. The district has 3 municipalities and a corporation at Nizamabad.


Nizam stands for Nizam, the governor (of the empire) of Hyderabad State and Abad means ‘Long Live’. The district’s original name was Indur which was supposed to have originated from the name of the King Indradatta who seems to have flourished it during the 5th century A.D.[1] Later during the 18th century the Nizams ruled over the Deccan region and the district got its name from him.


Nizamabad is located at 18°41′N 78°6′E.[8] Nizamabad is bounded on the north by Adilabad district, on the east by Karimnagar district, on the south by Medak district, and on the west by Nanded district of Maharastra State and Bidar of Karnataka State. The geographical area of the district is 7,956 square kilometres (3,072 sq mi). The district lies between 180 5′ and 190′ of the northern latitudes and 770 4′ and 780 37′ of the eastern longitudes.The Godavari River enters into Telangana from Nizamabad district at Kandhakurthi.